The Simple Drill behind FC Barcelona’s Success

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Barcelona FC’s way of producing lots of young soccer-oriented soldiers in an organized way is something which amazes a large crowd of coaches around the world.

The technique, the work ethics, and even the capacity to adapt showcased by players from La Masia is nothing but extraordinary and the trend is not going anywhere.

Barcelona’s present team is not highlighting the club’s core values when it comes to its legendary play style, as last seasons have been important in regards to the first team’s playstyle revolution after Ernesto Valverde took the coach’s seat.

However, La Masia and the club as a whole keep training young players while following the traditional rules created by Johan Cruyff.

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The Guy Who Came Up with It

Although Barcelona’s team wasn’t all that big when Johan Cruyff arrived at the club, he took charge and led the team though unforgettable victories during his time as a player for the first team.

While his contribution to the club while playing was amazing, the real Cruyff factor, which led Barcelona to its current status, was added during his coaching years.

One Drill, One Champion

Cruyff created a simple drill to train all aspects of a soccer match without using weird paraphernalia, just several players arranged in a match-like scenario. Marc Carmona, head education coach in the club, explained that their program emphasizes on the three Ps.

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The first one, being a possession, is about not losing the ball. Position revolves around which team is better located in the pitch, and finally pressure, which comprises movements to win back the ball after losing possession.

The drill is called Rondo and for some coaches, it’s the quintessential drill which drove Barcelona’s success in the last 15 years.

The Game

Rondos are a simple game of monkey-in-the-middle or keep-away. If someone in the team asked to keep possession, which always has a numerical advantage, loses the ball, they’ll have to join the defending team, trading positions with a defender.

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Futsal for Skilled Players

According to Xavi Hernandez, futsal is great to build better technique and ball control. In reality, La Masia uses futsal as a way to create better soccer players for the large-sized pitch. As tight spaces force players to develop their creativity and dribbling skills, futsal is a great sport for soccer players who tend to rely on their physical prowess too much.

Watching futsal matches lets scouts spot talented players easier, as physical power isn’t rewarded as much. In a soccer pitch, stronger guys will always be relevant, but the way futsal forces these players to work actually makes them better.

You now know how to set up a Rondo circle with a group. Start practicing and get your soccer skills up to the roof with this simple drill.

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