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In order for players to have great results on the soccer field, it’s crucial for them to train, improve their fitness conditioning level, and get in the best shape possible.

I’m Harper Nichols, a young fitness trainer who loves to play soccer and train like a maniac to make the most out of my abilities on the field.

I’m pretty sure most professional soccer players, if not all, must think about their fitness level and what to do in order to train specific traits like speed, strength, endurance, dribbling skill, among others.

That’s why Football Marketing was created, as I wanted to share some of that information with our audience.

Football Marketing is a small magazine devoted to sharing helpful fitness-related information about soccer players and clubs from around the globe.

Have you ever asked yourself how players train before big competitions like the World Cup or the Champions League? Some of these questions will be answered here on the website.

At Football Marketing, readers will be able to find interesting articles addressing topics such as how soccer is evolving into a more fast-paced almost pinball-like game, why the TV broadcasting rights are so unfairly distributed in La Liga, or who will be the next big coach for FC Barcelona’s team.

Although fans are now feeling entitled to criticize pro players’ performance and fitness conditioning level on social media, Football Marketing is a safe space for soccer enthusiasts to learn more about the fitness conditioning involved in soccer.

This way readers will learn how much pro players work to show great performance on the pitch.

If you want to improve your fitness journey, get better at soccer by imitating what pro players do, or watch some recommended TV shows in which soccer is the main topic discussed, join Football Marketing now.